Yoshi is a Dinosaur of Yoshi's Island. It has a Chemelon like tounge & lays eggs. Yoshi can only say it's own name


Yoshi Smiles (mouth close) & The stem is Neon Red.

The Marking on Yoshi's head says "1998 Nintendo".

Yoshi is a part of the Nintendo set.

Character ApperancesEdit

Super Mario World-Yoshi's Debut

Yoshi Safari-Yoshi's Solo Title

Yoshi Story-Enters a new generation of Yoshi

Smash Brothers Brawl-Teams up with Link & defeats Faluse Peach

Mario Kart Wii-Yoshi's a playable Character

See AlsoEdit


Koopa Kroopa

Diddy Kong

Mario Party mini set (wich Yoshi is also in)