Non-footed - dispensers without any feet at the bottom.

Vintage Edit

Until 1987 dispensers did not have feet. That year footed dispensers were introduced, dispensers with a slightly different shape which had feet added to give the dispensers more stability when they are standing. In 1987 both footed & non-footed dispensers were made; since then models usually are footed. Non-footed dispensers from 1987 and before are indicated as vintage dispensers.

Modern Edit

Though in general a non-footed dispenser is from 1987 or earlier, and at the latest will be patent 3.942.683, there are exceptions. One such an exception are the reproductions of the Regulars. These headless dispensers, like the original version, do not have feet. Another are the Valentine hearts.

Feet-removal Edit

Non-footed dispensers are valued higher than footed dispensers. For this reason some deceitful sellers sand off feet from modern dispensers, to make them appears to be vintage. This is easily detected for patent 4.966.305 and above, since these never have both non-footed and footed versions; the normal models have feet, the reproductions and valentines don't. However, for patent 3.942.683 there are indeed models that were made both with and without feet.

To determine whether or not such a dispensers is genuinely non-footed, one has to pay attention to the slightly different shape of the dispenser. Most noticeable is that the spine of the dispenser became larger. This difference can be seen by looking at the flat side of the dispenser, but is most noticeable when looking at the bottom. For vintage dispensers, the front and back have exactly the same shape. For modern dispensers, the hollow in the spine, the back, is larger than the one in the tie, the front.

Shoes Edit

To add stability for displays of non-footed dispensers, several models of plastic shoes are on offer.

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