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E.T. is an Extra-Terrestrial lead character from the 1982 Steven Spielberg movie of the same nam. It's a being from outer space, which accidentally is left behind on earth. While there, E.T. befriends a human boy, Elliot, who tries to help E.T. in contacting the spaceship. In the mean time they try to stay away from the earth's, and the family's, authorities.

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There are two E.T. models, a small set released in 2002, in connection with the 20th annivercary re-release of the movie. In the US, the models were a Toys-R-Us exclusive, and apparently only 20.000 were made.

  • E.T.
  • E.T. with hood

E.T. Edit

  • This is model of E.T. without any special clothing. It has a brown stem, the same colour as E.T.'s head. It was made in Hungary according to patent 4.966.305

E.T. with hood Edit

  • This is model of E.T. with a red "hood" tight over the head. It has a red stem, the same colour as the hood. It was made in Slovania according to patent 4.966.305

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