PEZ create dispensers to hold their candy pellets. The tops, and sometimes also the bodies, of these dispensers are given different shapes, originally to make them more appealing to youngsters. The different models are however also very collectable.

Models Edit

Dispensers are usually modeled after animation characters. Some of the currently available models are based on The Incredibles, Looney Tunes, and Sesame Street.

PEZ wiki includes a list of dispensers.

Types Edit

Not all dispensers have the same design; they are grouped into these types:

Mechanisms Edit

The dispensers are usually shaped to hold one pack of candy. A mechanism in the dispenser makes a pellet available each time the head of the dispenser is pushed backward. The giant dispensers use a similar mechanism to dispense entire packs of pellets.

Patents Edit

Pez meeting

A few modern dispensers.

The dispensers are patented. Different patents were valid in different years:

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