The PEZ enthusiasts form a widespread community. They stay in touch by way of newsletters, forums, webrings, museums, conventions, web sites, and on-line auctions.

Newsletters Edit

PEZ Collector's News 
A 36 page bi-monthly newsletter covering PEZ collectors' news and information. They have a website here and a blog  at .
Pezhead Monthly 
A newsletter not really about news,. It is on line at which also contains its archives.

Forums Edit

PEZ Community forum 
This forum exists since June 2001 and has over 1200 members. It's located at where everyone is invited to become a member.
This mailing list exists since 1995 and has over 1200 members. The list itself is located at and at is its website.
PezRGood Community
This is an EZboard community with as its starting page.

Web Rings Edit

Pez Collector's WebRing 
A web ring of PEZ collecting sites and other sites dealing with PEZ. The ring exists since 1997 and has more than thirty active sites.
Collecting PEZ WebRing 
A recent and fast-growing webring of sites related to the hobby of collecting Pez Dispensers. The webring has more than twenty members, and at more can join.
A web ring of G-rated sites with PEZ content. It contains both collectors' sites and dealers' sites. The ring has existed for several years, and currently has more than forty members.
A Social network for pezheads. This is the place to share your Pez adventures, ideas, photos of your collection and anything else Pez. Currently has more than 1300 registered Pezheads.

Museums Edit

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