This dispenser shows a baseball with the logo of the Chicago Cubs. A baseball is a fist-sized ball, used to play the sport of baseball with. In the sport a player from one team tries to hit the ball with a bat, and after doing so tries to run around the four corners of the (inner) field to score a point. The Chicago Cubs are a professional baseball team based in Chicago, Illinois, USA ( They play Major League Baseball in the National League.


  • This model is a baseball with the Cubs logo on it. There's only one version. It has a blue stem, with patent 4.966.305. The Chicago Cubs baseball dispenser was a promotional item, given to the visitors of the 27 june 2002 ball game at Wrigley Field, of the Chicago Cubs against the Cincinnati Reds.


There are Chicago Cubs dispenser models of Charlie Brown, Homer Simpson, and Snoopy as well.

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