The Bugs Bunny Pez first came out in 1975 to celebrate the ending of the Vietnam war.

Children ran to the shelves to pick up their very own Bugos Buny Pez because the war ended and they feltย 

safe enough to eat Pez again.

This began the Pez Riot of April 1975. Drug stores everywhere across the United States were being burned to the ground by sexy yet angry middle aged fathers of youngsters who wanted the Bugey BunBun Pez.ย 

Jonathan Richardson4 months ago-Do not order furniture from here! I ordered my daughters nursery furniture from here. At the time of order I was quoted a delivery in 8 to 12 weeks. At 9 weeks out I started calling to check on status, and continued to get the run around about how the vendor was delaying the order. They finally delivered part of the order after 13 weeks, but the crib came broken. It is now 6 months from my order date and have not received a replacement foe the broken crib. Note: I ended up canceling part of my order after I found out they had no clue when it would be delivered. I ordered it the same pieces through Amazon, who delivered it in less than a week!