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Bob the Builder is a British stop-motion animation series. It follows Bob the Builder, together with his colleaque Wendy and his building machines, Scoop, Skip, Trix, Travis, Dizzy, Lofty, Roley, Muck, Zoomer and Benny. Among the other charactes in the series are Spud the Scarecrow, who usually is more of a hinderance than a help, and Bob's pets Scrufty the dog and Pilchard the cat. Together they manage the construction jobs around Sunflower Valley.

Set Edit

In august 2003 PEZ released in the USA a series of five dispensers:

The original version of Spud had a nose of 1,6 cm. This was considerd dangerous to children, though, and the the dispensers were recalled and replaced with a 1,2 cm-nosed version.

The set released for Canada, Japan, en Mexico, also in 2003, included only four dispensers, leaving out Scoop, and had different versions of Spud and Pilchard.

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